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Wings and Primaval Mothers/b>
This series of drawings and paintings was made round 1992. A time of expanding sprirituality. A divorce and severe backpains brought her back to church after a seperation of 25 years. Very insecure about her personal religion at first. But after soem time more sure about belief in general. Miriam Harten felt more secure by the time her work was more appreciated. She drew cards for baptism, and with a number of ministers she worked to develop 'a new style' of Christmas-eves, in which speech and arts formed a new kind of service. In this perspective she made 'Roseportraits', 'The Collonnade', ' Kingscloaks' and 'Angelkites'. The church she is going to is Protestant, in a very liberal and open way. People work together with the Catholic Church a lot. In the musicals written by Miriam and performed by church-members, Protestants, Catholics and people 'from no church at all' acted and worked together.